Lenape Forest Garden

Cultural retention efforts of the local Lenape & Nanticoke led us into mapping the diaspora via cemetery studies. [tell us more!]

This led us into cemetery-care [tell us more]

Which eventually brought us to honor all Life as Sacred.

The Village of Fork Branch in Delaware is a sacred place surrounded by fresh-water wooded wetlands, endangered species, and prehistoric Lenape archeology sites. The cemeteries that remain, genealogically connect three state recognized Delaware Bay Tribes — the Lenape Indian Tribe of Delaware, the Nanticoke Indian Tribe and the ___.

A Timeline of the Lenape Forest Garden

Core team from the Lenape Forest Garden team
  • *Dennis J. Coker, Elected Chief White Otter of Lenape Indian Tribe of Delaware
  • *Craig Morris, Cheswold Community Member, Dover City Grounds Personnel, Immanuel Union Cemetery Care Employee
  • *Stephen Clark, Jr., Nanticoke Tribal Citizen, Indigenous Life Ways, Permaculture, and Reforestation Apprentice
  • *Robin Christiansen, Mayor of Dover Delaware, Lenape/Nanticoke 
  • Simon Purchase James — Lenape Forest Garden Volunteer Coordinator, Permaculture & Dynamic Governance Trainer in Training
  • Dale Hendricks, Arborist, Nurseryman,  Horne Farm Center for Agricultural Education 
  • Chris Kane, Owner Landenburg Landscapeer  
  • Caleb Harvey, not for profit, Entrepreneurial Eco-Tourism non-profit board member

Page last updated: Jan 24, 2022

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