Mission — Our mission is to return stewardship of lands and waters of Lenapehokink to the Lenape through holding land in trust and creating opportunities toward that stewardship with collaborations across the Lenape diaspora.

Vision — Our work is guided by a vision of thriving ecosystems across Lenapehokink where communities honoring the original people, adopt the world view that “All Our Relations” includes all of Earth’s inhabitants.

Objective — We aim to have members of the Lenape & Nanticoke communities hold the majority of positions on the board of the Land Trust, and are given every opportunity to have paid positions stewarding their own Ancestral lands and waters.

Stewardship from this framework aims to

  • Create educational spaces for humans to deepen appreciation and honor for the more than human world
  • Increase native biodiversity of all plant, animal, fungi, and microbial life
  • Remove invasive species, re-establish appropriate native species, and use non-native species with intention and discernment
  • Create an abundance of nutrient dense food and clean water
  • Increase the soil’s capacity for holding water and carbon
  • Increase ecosystem capacity stemming the tide of the climate crisis and resilience as it intensifies
  • Give preferential treatment to traditional Lenape wisdom, lifeways, and understanding of the sacred

Page last updated: Jan 23, 2022

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