Indigenous Food Feast with Archeological Society of Delaware


We were honored to organize the catered lunch at the recent annual meeting of Archeological Society of Delaware on June 25th 2022 at Killens Pond Nature Center in Felton Delaware, with Dr. Heather Wholey of West Chester University speaking on the prehistory of Delaware.

Our Lenape Forest Gardeners assisted Time Chef Henry Ward’s Indigenous food cooking class to prepare the lunch, asking ourselves… What if WE could eat locally?

See our photos and videos from this cooking class — Indigenous Feast prep with Time Chef, Henry Ward! 





Great Speaker, Great Award Ceremony, Great Food! What a day! Guest Speaker at Archeological Society of Delaware (ASD) Annual Meeting, Heather Wholey, speaking on Delmarva Peninsula “pre-history”! And Henry Ward explaining the menu. 



And lastly, washing up.


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